Corporate Venture Building

We build ventures with and for corporates.

Any enterprise has a disproportionate chance at building a new, innovative venture.
We take it upon us to let these fledgling ventures take flight, and provide exceptional returns.

Leveraging your right to play

We turn your assets into unfair advantage for the ventures we build jointly.

Success based incentives

We share risks & rewards through equity. Not by charging lucrative consulting fees.

Product & Venture capabilities

Our teams have deep, proven product, go-to-market & scaling expertise.

Execution focused

We are led by the market, not by slideware. We start with customer, and work backward from there.

About Wright Partners

The Wright Partnership is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovators & professionals. Individually and collectively we have designed and piloted independent and corporate-backed ventures.

We operate as a pan-regional partnership, governed in Singapore. We have united ourselves around the vision that professional entrepreneurs, with access to corporate resources, have a disproportionate chance of launching a successful startup.

Unlike many of our peers, we believe that starting a venture is about making little bets on big opportunities – not the other way around. We find value in execution, not in seeking large consultancy or investment budgets. With this approach we believe will earn the right to be your joint venture partner.

Wright Partners
Hélène Dutrieu

Substantially better expected returns : ~3x

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