Meet The Wright

Built strong wings flying solo.
Flocking together to fly in formation.

Founding Partners

arno (1)
Arnold Egg Founding Partner
Experienced in building digital products and ventures in start-up and corporate environments. Specialized in the Indonesian market.
Joachim Vandaele Founding Partner
Two decades of building ventures in financial services, technology, innovation and family offices. Investor. Lecturer.
Toi Ngee Tan Founding Partner
Hands-on product management leader with experience solving diverse business problems using technology in both corporates and start-ups.
ZIV-edit2 (1)
Ziv Ragowsky Founding Partner
No nonsense, direct and practical problem solver who likes to grow businesses, and grow people.

Our Squadron

allesandro-team-pp (1)
Alessandro Rampazzo Venture Architect
Pragmatic problem-solver experienced in strategy, finance, and innovation in both for corporates and start-ups.
carlos-team-pp (2)
Carlos Estrella Venture Founder
Experienced FinTech leader with exposure to early to mid-stage ventures in the USA, Brazil, Singapore, and Indonesia.
Christian Edwin Pranata - Intern-01
Christian Edwin Pranata Intern
Experienced product developer, growth strategist and pragmatic problem-solver with passion in technology, innovation, and eCommerce.
Hugo Messer
Hugo Messer Venture Partner
Experienced venture-building veteran with a focus on agile entrepreneurship and transformation across sectors.
Muriel Jacques - Intern-01
Muriel Jacques Intern
Dynamic INSEAD MIM student, Industrial Engineering graduate and former Management Consultant with a passion for sustainability.
Ruben Sananes- Intern-01
Ruben Sananes Intern
Start-ups and technology enthusiasts with experience in strategy, operations, and sales in both consumer-facing and B2B ventures in Europe. Creator of the first French Parkour community and music enthusiast.
Amanda Tay Venture Architect
A divergent thinker applying passion in problem solving through use of innovation. Experienced in areas of finance, strategy and entrepreneurship - in corporates and startups.
Charlene Kumolontang Venture Architect
Experienced Business Development and Strategy professional with a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry.
IMG-8836 (2)
Dr. Bagas Wicaksono Venture Partner
Medical Doctor specializing in otorhinolaryngology with over 10 years of experience in local and international health centers throughout Indonesia.
irdhina (1)
Irdhina Harith Venture Architect
A venture architect from a strategy background within the Malaysian market with a deep interest in entrepreneurship and social innovation.
Timothy Khor - Venture Architect (Product)-01
Timothy Khor Venture Architect (Product)
Founded 2 start-ups with 47K users. Skilled corporate strategic development in Food Manufacturing, Banking & Healthcare. Adept at product, service management, and all things data. Certified Public Accountant and IBM Data Analyst.
Saheb Singh
Saheb Singh Venture Architect
Experienced early-stage venture capital professional and startup mentor. Passionate about all things finance and fintech.
Arjun Thomas-01
Arjun Thomas Entrepreneur in Residence
A seasoned product leader with a track record of leveraging technology to solve real-world problems, across a range of industries and regions. Entrepreneur. Advisor.
Christine Wang Venture Partner
A versatile and global business leader with 13 years of experience in innovation and venturing.
fiza (1)
Fiza Murtala Venture Architect
A versatile architect specialized in the Indonesian market with experience in retail, business processes, corporate strategy, building digital products, and ventures in startup environments.
Kai Song Eer
Kai Song Eer Venture Architect
Growth strategist, pragmatic problem solver, and hands-on hustler in corporate and startup environments. Background in Machine Learning, passionate about tech and innovation. Founder of an education non-profit.
Parvin Kaur
Parvin Kaur Venture Architect
Seasoned fin-tech expert with a track record of building and scaling high-growth businesses. Deep background in strategy, finance and social entrepreneurship
Vania Nuraini Latifah Venture Architect
Experienced in developing strategic partnership for product development in start-up environment.
Bastian Sagild Venture Partner
Experienced venture builder with a background in corporate finance and strategy consulting. Passionate about all things technology and innovation.
Christian Toksvig - Venture Partner-01
Christian Toksvig Venture Partner
Christian is an experienced digital media executive with over 20 years’ management experience from both startups and corporates. He has a global network and intends to bridge ideas and investments between Asia and the rest of the world.
guarav-team-pp (1)
Gaurav Joshi Venture Founder
A passionate entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience of Corporate experience spanning financial services, transformation, and leadership.
Mansi Aggarwal- Venture Architect-01
Mansi Aggarwal Venture Architect
A quantitative thinker and analytical problem solver with experience across financial services, manufacturing and consumer sector clients.
Rizqi Rifianto - Venture Architect Bio-01
Rizqi Rifianto Venture Architect Bio
Experienced Strategy, Accounting, and Finance professional with a background in startups and management consulting environment.
vai-team-pp (1)
Vai Soman Head of HR & Talent Acquisition
Expert in creating and strengthening relationships within the organization and recruiting & developing the right talent within the fintech and startup space.

Our Advisory Board

Claudia Zeisberger
Claudia Zeisberger Advisor
Claudia Zeisberger is an Author, Professor at INSEAD and Founder of the school’s PE & VC centre (GPEI). Before joining INSEAD in 2005, she spent 16 years in global investment banking.

Professor Zeisberger is actively involved in entrepreneurial ecosystems globally and devotes a significant amount of her time to mentor early-stage companies; she was recently invited to join Google Startup Accelerator SEA as an industry mentor.

Professor Zeisberger is known for her books on Private Equity & Venture Capital and her extensive research on PE and VC in emerging markets. She regularly advises institutional investors, Family Offices and SWF’s on their investment strategy.
Mark Barnard Advisor
Mark Barnard is an experienced Chief Officer with a demonstrated history of leading large multinational conglomerates.

Currently, Mark is an investor and board member of various growth companies, including Trax Technologies (SG), Harvest Health & Recreation, and CSB Engage. Previously Mark assumed the roles of Global Chief Commercial Officer of Diageo; Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Group; and SVP-Customer Development Asia & Africa at Unilever.

A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.

Simon Sinek