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Job Description

What we believe in 

At Wright Partners, we are united in our belief that entrepreneurs with access to the right resources have a much higher chance of building a successful startup. And that is what we focus on. We support our venture co-founders in launching and scaling innovative companies while leveraging the assets and networks of our corporate partners.

If you share this belief, and want to live up to it, we want to speak with you! We are currently looking for exceptional venture co-founders  in Malaysia 

What you sign up for

As a co-founder, you will lead the development and scale-up of a  start-up from inception to exit. You will be involved in the process right from ideation of the venture and will be in charge of setting up operations, developing the product as well as building your team that will support you on this journey. Working closely with our venture partners, you will take advantage of our venture building methodology to produce deliverables for each phase of venture building. You will bring your unique perspective to the venture, both at a strategic level, as well as on the ground. You will have the opportunity to engage with our corporate partners and build strong working relationships. 

How do we support you?

From the initial spark, we will do everything within our capacity to help you achieve initial product-market fit and secure Series A funding. We will work closely with the corporate partner to secure seed funding, and to confer upon you an unfair advantage by bringing their considerable assets and business networks to bear. Our partners will fight in the trenches with you, actively assisting you in finding the right business model, creating the right product and building a scalable venture. We will bring in our deep networks of industry and technology subject matter experts, who will extend their helping hand as and when you need it. We will support you in recruiting your team members who are as passionate and driven as you. We will be there for you every step of the way. 

What do we expect from you?

You are based in Malaysia, with some knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia and a good understanding of the economic and your sector specific environment. You have 7-10 years work experience with previous entrepreneurial experience (you have either set up your own startup business or been an early employee/founding member in a startup) and corporate experience (either as a consultant or employee). 

You bring knowledge and hands-on experience in building a tech-enabled business offering. We welcome perspectives from a variety of industry-backgrounds (anything from ecommerce, technology, retail, real estate,  education, farming, financial services and more). You have spent some time in commercial functions (with P&L responsibility) or in  product design & development.  

An entrepreneurial environment brings the best out of you. You are comfortable with ambiguity and are able to adapt to a fast-paced and rapidly-changing environment while not losing sight of your goals. Failure only strengthens your drive to succeed. Above all, you are humble and never stop learning.

What do we offer you?

You will find a challenge which comes with ambiguity and risks, yet is equally rewarding, educational and exhilarating. We provide attractive compensation in the form of monthly salary and equity in the venture. 

We believe in meritocracy and reward hard work. We are not hierarchical and expect every employee to be able to speak their mind. We believe in working with the person best suited to the role, irrespective of gender, colour or geography. 

About Wright Partners

The Wright Partnership is a pan-regional partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovators and professionals. Individually and collectively we have designed and piloted our independent and corporate-backed ventures. We have united ourselves around the vision that professional entrepreneurs, with access to corporate resources, have a disproportionate chance of launching a successful startup.

Headquartered in Singapore, we have an Asia-wide remit with teams in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

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