Corporate Venture Building

Corporate venture building aims to fast-track the growth of startups.

Our Corporate Venture Building Approach

Once a corporate decision to build a venture, what should it do?  Well, to start, it is important for the corporate to acknowledge the various technological trends but also look to build on its own significant assets.  In addition, it is important to align the corporate desires and trends with its short- and medium-term strategy ensuring internal support as momentum is being built.   We call the intersection of these three approaches the targeted venture opportunity.

Once the venture area has been identified a mapping is to be done, of the assets, the strategic goals as well as the value chain of the venture opportunity, and the pain points within these value chains.  This is where we come in, supporting the right understanding of the value chain targeted as well as developing the product needed to address the pain points within the value chain.  We understand corporates and support them with the mind of entrepreneurs.  We align our incentives to ensure that you do not spend more than you need to get the ROI that is relevant for your business.

We can support you from the discovery of the different ideas that makes sense for you to explore, towards the design of the specific venture, and through the delivery of the venture to scale and outside investment.  It is also important to consider the cost needed to build such a venture as in our belief should not be more than what it costs to develop a venture outside of the corporate world – less than $2 USD Mn based on recent research (which is the median amount to bring a venture to initial investment).  That investment coupled with the momentum and assets from the corporate should yield above average results when building the venture.

USD 1.5m needed to achieve initial product-market fit – the key requirement for Series A funders.

70% of seed-funded ventures fail to attract Series A funding.

Valuation increase of ~4x typical for ventures which manage to raise Series A funding.